About Rob DiTeodoro

"Raising peoples vibrations with my art!"

I am an artist and lover of life.  A dedicated husband and father of four awesome children, I am inspired by my kids enthusiasm and curiosity for life and nature.  I am also an ex-Marine and Combat veteran and I apply that same discipline earned in the Marine Corps to my practice of creation.

My art is very playful and uplifting and is meant to bring a smile to your face.  With harmonious color schemes and fluid lines, these one of a kind pieces are sure to keep your eyes and mind moving.  My first love was drawing and I have stayed true to a very illustrative style, focusing on original characters and abstract shapes.

I mainly work with acrylic on canvas, but have also painted several large scale outdoor murals for the HUE Fest, organized by the City of Houston.  

In addition to painting, I hold a BFA in Graphic Design from West Chester University and have created many graphics and logos over the years.

Always up for a challenge, Rob is open to commissions of all types, custom paintings, murals and digital graphics.  He would love to bring your ideas to life!  Contact RobDiTeodoro@Gmail.com to get the conversation started!